Full Menu Appetizers & Starters

Appetizers & Starters

Sashimi & Ceviche

$300.00 MXN

Ahi Tuna Curricanes

$200.00 MXN

Ahi Tuna Tostadas

$300.00 MXN

Mexican Ceviche

$250.00 MXN


$600.00 MXN

Sashimi Combo

The best of the best. It's 4 Curricanes, 4 Tuna tostadas, sashimi, and Seared Tuna

Mexican Starters

$190.00 MXN

Guacamole Mexicana

This is our Can't be Beat, made tableside...............

$175.00 MXN


$225.00 MXN

Nachos with Grilled Chicken

$300.00 MXN

Nachos with Grilled Steak

$145.00 MXN

Nachos with Only Cheese

$150.00 MXN

Quesadillas with Cheese Only

$225.00 MXN

Quesadillas with Grilled Chicken

$285.00 MXN

Quesadillas with Grilled Shrimp

$225.00 MXN

Quesadillas with Grilled Steak

$120.00 MXN

Queso Fundido


$175.00 MXN

Queso Fundido with Chorizo


$175.00 MXN

Queso Fundido with Grilled Mushrooms


$110.00 MXN

Tortilla Soup

Seafood Starters

$225.00 MXN

Baja Shrimp & Chips

$200.00 MXN

Blackened Fish Bites

$290.00 MXN

Dynamite Shrimp

$275.00 MXN

Fish and Chips


$440.00 MXN

Imperial Shrimp

$250.00 MXN

Seared Ahi Tuna

$260.00 MXN

Shrimp Cocktail

$247.00 MXN

You Hook It, We Cook It! $13usd


$342.00 MXN

You Hook It, We Cook It! $18usd

You get all four of the following appetizer options and four ways of having your fish prepared…

Hot Bites

$190.00 MXN

BBQ Baby Back Ribs Appetizer

$200.00 MXN

Captain Tony’s Stuffed Mushrooms

$180.00 MXN

Chicken Fingers

$300.00 MXN

Chicken Wings (10 pieces)


$195.00 MXN

Caesar Salad


$195.00 MXN

Captain Tony’s Salad

Entre sized salad with apple, walnuts, three cheese...........

$175.00 MXN

Greek Salad

$130.00 MXN

House Salad

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